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We are a one-stop supplier of gift packagings

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We are a printing factory, providing pre-press, print and post-print services.

We are a paper packaging factory, providing one-stop solution of packaging.

We are a label tape factory. Our label tapes are compatible for Brother, Kingjim, Epson, Casio etc thermal printers.

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Established in 1997, Panda Gift Packaging Limited company was initially a small factory only cooperating with domestic customers, but with nearly twenty years’ development, we have become one of the leading packaging solution manufacturers in mainland China and we are capable to meet full satisfaction of all our valued business associates in terms of higher quality and volume but in reasonable pricing.

We dedicate all our energy and passion in packaging design and manufacture in hope of providing the best packaging solution to our customers.

Our History

Panda Gift Packaging company was established in 1997, the history has helped us grow from an innocent infant up to an experienced and skilled adult. Looking back to the history, there are some significant moments that should be remembered.

The factory was registered as a printing manufacturer, producing leaflet, calendar, gift card, exercise book, etc.

Paper bag production team was built, producing paper bags for domestic costume brands

Paper box production team was built, producing paper boxes for domestic shoe brands. Two years afterwards, we established export sales team and started to target abroad markets.

We were asked by long-term relationship customers to source non-paper-made packages, such as tin boxes, wooden boxes, compostable bags etc.

  • Panda & Environment

We believe in Green Harmony® and are taking steps to become a “Zero-Waste Factory” which creates value for today as well as for future generations. This philosophy fits with our sustainable development policy and strengthens our commitment to environmental protection.

  • What is Green Printing

Green printing is described as the movement in the printing industry wherein recycling, reusing, and reducing are done to lower the number of resources used for printing and advertising. This method involves the use of low-VCO (Volatile Organic Chemical) inks, recycled paper, energy-efficient computers and equipment.

Printing Services

  • color separation and typography
  • die-cut & fold template
  • offset printing
  • silk screen printing
  • hot stamping printing
  • green printing & soy ink

Packaging Services

  • jewelry box/cosmetic box/perfume box
  • wine box/chocolate box/soap box/mug box
  • costume/shoe box/cellphone/powerbank box
  • coin box/pen box/cufflink box/stationary box/gift box
  • lid and base box/hinged box/folding box
  • book-shaped box/heart-shaped box
  • drawer box/stackable box


Label Tape Services

  • Compatible for Brother: DK-11201,DK-11202,DK-11203,TZe-231,TZe-251…
  • Compatible for Puty: PTe-111,PTe-211,PTe-411…
  • Compatible for King Jim: ST6KW,SS6KW,SC9YW… 
  • Compatible for Epson: LC-2TBN,LC-2WRN,LC-2WLN…

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